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    Rachel and Jeff

    Rachel + Jeff
    04 | 16 | 16

    It's been forever since I've blogged so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  After capturing their E-Shoot in Hoboken, I knew I was going to have a great time with these two :-).  Wedding was at the lovely Nassau in in Princeton NJ with a great group of family and friends.   After their first look we strolled through Princetons greens and found some amazing walls to capture some pretty bad ass photos along with some of the cuter more romanticy (yes it's a word.... kinda) shots.   After meeting up with the bridal party we boogied on down to the reception held on a gorgeous day right ouside the venue where they gave their hearts forever to one another :-)




    And one set from the engagement shoot!


    Sami + Eli

    Sami + Eli
    01 | 17 | 16
    Bellevue Hotel, Philadelphia, PA


    First of all let me apologize for the sheer number of photos I'm about to post.   I tried my hardest to narrow these down for you.  I started off at 500 - knocked it down to 300 - knocked it down to 200 - and finally ended up with around 150 and I feel like I've given up.   I spent close to 4 hours just trying to wrap my head around the fact that there were SO many that I loved.

    Samantha and Eli's wedding was held at the beautiful Bellevue hotel in Philadelphia.  When I arrived I couldn't help but laugh when Sam's mom told me that I "Cleaned up nice" (after I showed up for an engagement shoot in shorts and t-shirt.   She then told the story to the ladies in the room how she immediately understood my apparel after she saw me walk out side and start rolling around on the city streets :-).

    I loved the atmosphere and bubbliness of the room immediately with lots of laughter and excitement reverberating off the walls - a perfect place to start shooting and probably the reason why I couldn't narrow it down any further!  After a few getting ready and detail shots we called up all the girls for a few photos and some champagne which was a blast.  I told Samantha that if the champagne started spraying a little bit - just enjoy the moment and don't worry about me or the camera (it's weatherproof).  She immediately asked if she should shake it up first then (which would of been awesome - but I think the hotel may have been a tad upset). After popping the cork and pouring out drinks it was off to Eli's room.  Still getting ready I took the opportunity to grab a few more details and plan out the rest of the day.  With another cheers I was back to Sam's room to get the final prep and set up their first look.

    I set up my cameras and enjoyed the excitement of Eli as he entered the room, brimming with anticipation to see his lovely wife to be.   Hiding her I set them back to back and let the magic happen - and boy did it happen.  The look on Eli's face was incredible and awesome to capture as he gazed with wide eyes at his bride.  After giving them a second to relax from the excitement we were off to grab a few more photos of them before the ceremony!  The first thing I noticed when I walked in the hotel was the awesome staircase that I wanted to get them on as we made our way downstairs to the snow.  After a few shots we headed outside where Sam was so enthused about the snow (which she had prayed for!)  After a few more photos it was up to the Ketubah and the ceremony and reception!

    The room was a buzz with joy and love for the couple as they officially became man and wife.   With a gorgeous hanging flower chuppah they, along with their family, celebrated each other and the life forthcoming. With a smash of a glass and kiss they through up their arms and headed off to the party. 

    The reception room was decorated and lit to perfection thanks to the stunning work of Evantine Designs.  The food was incredibly presented and the guests were taking it all in.  When it was time for intro's the bride and groom rolled out like Rock Stars and danced the night away.  Leaving the dance floor for the stage several times as their guests lifted them into the air and then joined them!   With a gorgeous cutting of the cake and some amazing words by friends and family the night came to a close as one of the most memorable weddings of my life.

    Thank you having me be a part of your day!  I hope these images do justice to the incredible love you two have for each other and the love of your family that they carried through the day! 

    - Drew Noel 


    Christina + Justin

    Christina + Justin
    01 | 08 | 16

    Cescaphe Ballroom - Philadelphia

    New years resolution that I'm gonna stick to:  Start Blogging again.   It's been about 4 years since I was blogging, accepting facebook as an easy alternative...  Unfortunately it doesn't show the full day like a good ol' blog does!   So here we go.  A new year - A new blog and hopefully I'm going to be able to put one to two up per week and start working my way back in time while adding new weddings as they come in!

    These two were just straight awesome.  Thank you so much for having me be a part of this incredible day.  I love it when my couples allow me to do what I do best - capture the candids and create some stellar imagery for them to have for generations of memories.    Starting off at the Lowe's Hotel in Philadelphia is was apparent we were gonna have a blast.  Christina was just as happy as ever and Justin was joking around with his guys confident in the day and the memories they'd share.   Time and time again small gaps of silence were broken up with laughter and joy and I couldn't of been happier to be in the middle of it.   After their "First Look"  it was obvious how perfect these two were for eachother - Christina wiping small drops of joy from Justin's eyes as they both looked around for tissues.   Then off we went, working our way from center city to old city capturing everything a long the way.  The ceremony was beautiful and unique as a surprise bagpiper welcomed guests to the church and for the first time in my history of being a photographer the "I do's" were said alter left as the couples slipped on the rings and gave eachother the first kiss as Hubby and Wifey. 
    As expect the reception kicked off and they laughed - drank - and danced the night away with joyous friends and family.  Cake of course got a little messy - but hey, you only get to do that once right?

    At the end I was both sad to leave and happy to have this be my first wedding of 2016.
    You two rock.  Thankyou thankyou thankyou.


    -Drew Noel





    Gina to Anthony

    Gina to Anthony
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    August 28th, 2010


    Talk about a gorgeous day for a wedding.  After the entire summer being blistering hot days finally we get one that's perfect!  Starting off at the Omni Hotel, we made our way down and across the street heading over to the oldest church in Philadelphia which gave us an amazing shot of their kiss.  The sweeping balcony of the church wrapped around them as if watchign it for itself!  After shooting a few more shots around the grounds we headed off to the Ballroom at the Ben where we were able to get some amazing shots using the city as a backdrop not to mention the amazing balcony archway shot where the wind picked up just enough to get Gina's awesome veil to float!  The reception was in their amazing ballroom with incredible flowers and music creating an atmosphere that is one I'm not soon to forget!  I have to give it up to Cindi Deal for coordinating an amazing wedding for the two of them.  I loved the shots we got of their first dance and their parent dances!   You two were awesome and Gina I'm glad you found your "swag" even if I had to push you until I found it!  I wish you two the best and thankyou for allowing me to capture your day!





    Tara to Jason 

    Tara to Jason
    April 30th 2010
    Berlin, New Jersey

              I can't tell you how excited I am to have Tara and Jason as my first post on the new blog!  You guys were great!  Tara can post a comment about how she didn't want to meet before the wedding but then when she thought about it started making more and more sense, and I have to say if we hadn't 3/4 of the awesome shots we got from the day would have been lost!  Anyway Jim and I headed down with the "interesting" directions that Tara gave us and made it there with 5 minutes to spare  (The 70 72 circle in Berlin seems always to be a fun time).  We walked in and started shooting some of the deatails, rearranging the house to find the light, pretty much just getting to work.  Tara's mom had this awesome dictionary in the house that I noticed and decided to grab some shots with and as luck would have it they turned out pretty awesome! When Jason showed up we went out to the road where we did some AWESOME groomsmen shots.   You guys definitely rocked it out.  From there we headed out to the town of Berlin and had a little 2 on 2 session with Tara and Jason where we litterally shot 15 different types of shots with in 15 yards of eachother.  It's amazing how a little town can prove to be so productive for photography.  From there we met up with the bridal party where we did a giant group shot (yes giant... they had a lot of friends).  It was so big the only shady spot I could fit them on was a set of stairs which meant in order to not get weird distortion from a wide angle lens.... I had to stand out in the middle of the road... in Berlin.... where cars drive by like crazy.   But I didn't get hit and it was off to the ceremony.  From there we headed to the reception hall and did all the family shots, and I got a few more "rock and roll" shots of the two of them against the back door supply entrance wall.  I had some interesting looks from the staff - but you be the judge on it!

    Thanks a lot you two, I can't wait to get you all of your photos!



    -Dictionary shot

     Rocking one of the guys

    The reflection of the sun on the leaves kinda make it look like snow!

    Some shots from my new backdrop and my old blackdrop.

    This is one of my favorites of the day




    This was out in back of the reception hall... I assume where they haul off the garbage, Pretty awesome.


    Really cool "first dance" photo