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    Kristen + Nick

    Kristen + Nick
    May 5th 2012
    Warren, New Jersey

    The First Jeff and Drew Wedding!

    I had the awesome time to be the primary photographer at Nick and Kristen's wedding at the Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge.  Not only did we have an amazing couple to capture but we had an all star lineup of photographers of Jeff Tisman and Stephen Govel.  This meant total coverage of a wedding - with so many different shots that it made it incredibly hard to narrow down this blog!


    Off to the hotel where we had time to grab some details and the two of them preparing for the big day.  I have to say I loved their reactions to seeing each other for the first time!  From here we set out towards the stone house, capturing whatever we saw along the way, eager to take out any stress on the piñata they brought for Cinqo De Mayo!  Jeff hung out with the bridal party as they did some fun video stuff with a good friend and awesome videographer - Glenn and Violet Elliott (cord3films) as Steve and I walked around the grounds with Nick and Kristen grabbing some awesome shots!  Their reception was filled with laughter and tears and was a blast to shoot - especially with all the angles we could cover :-)  From here we entered the reception and they continued to party like rockstars as the margaritas and sombreros dance around the room.  At the very end of the night we had amazing light sprinkle of rain that allowed to capture one final memorable moment as it all came to a close... or should I say - the beginning!

    Can't wait for you two to get back from your official Honeymoon to show you everything!

    Hope you Enjoy!
    -Drew, Jeff, and Steve.

    Awesome detail shot From Steve with the rings!

    Nick had a little surprise for her before she finished getting ready.

    Nick got all the guys awesome Monogram Cufflinks.

    Jeff was able to capture the guys getting ready - or trying to get ready ;-)

    We all had a great time capturing their emotions during the first meet!

    They defnitely made it easy for us!

    Kristen rocked that veil.

    and then just rocked.

    Jeff captured the guys just before they took out the beating stick.

    Have to throw in a cool stoic shot in front of a wood pile.... don't we?

    Favorite shot of the day... was at the end of the night!