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    Jessica and Greg

    Jessica + Greg
    04 | 09 | 16

    Just like the Post Office Motto - "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night..."  weddings happen every day and in every type of weather.  The separation between and amazing day and gloomy day is the attitude of the couple.  April had already been a month of surprises with crazy summer weather to the wintry mix of the day and if anything it added to the memories of this amazing couple and amazing wedding.  I can't speak highly enough of their attitude to a little snow and rain mix :-).   They and their wedding party trudged it out on wet roads, running out of near moving busses to get the happy shots of the day only to show the weather how much they could turn such a day into a crazy party!  From the tears of joy to the laughs and excitement I couldn't of asked for a better day!



    Christina + Justin

    Christina + Justin
    01 | 08 | 16

    Cescaphe Ballroom - Philadelphia

    New years resolution that I'm gonna stick to:  Start Blogging again.   It's been about 4 years since I was blogging, accepting facebook as an easy alternative...  Unfortunately it doesn't show the full day like a good ol' blog does!   So here we go.  A new year - A new blog and hopefully I'm going to be able to put one to two up per week and start working my way back in time while adding new weddings as they come in!

    These two were just straight awesome.  Thank you so much for having me be a part of this incredible day.  I love it when my couples allow me to do what I do best - capture the candids and create some stellar imagery for them to have for generations of memories.    Starting off at the Lowe's Hotel in Philadelphia is was apparent we were gonna have a blast.  Christina was just as happy as ever and Justin was joking around with his guys confident in the day and the memories they'd share.   Time and time again small gaps of silence were broken up with laughter and joy and I couldn't of been happier to be in the middle of it.   After their "First Look"  it was obvious how perfect these two were for eachother - Christina wiping small drops of joy from Justin's eyes as they both looked around for tissues.   Then off we went, working our way from center city to old city capturing everything a long the way.  The ceremony was beautiful and unique as a surprise bagpiper welcomed guests to the church and for the first time in my history of being a photographer the "I do's" were said alter left as the couples slipped on the rings and gave eachother the first kiss as Hubby and Wifey. 
    As expect the reception kicked off and they laughed - drank - and danced the night away with joyous friends and family.  Cake of course got a little messy - but hey, you only get to do that once right?

    At the end I was both sad to leave and happy to have this be my first wedding of 2016.
    You two rock.  Thankyou thankyou thankyou.


    -Drew Noel





    Rachel and Brad

    Rachel and Brad
    February 25th, 2012
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Woah!  2012.  Helloooooo.   How are you doing? I'm doing great - thanks for letting me capture an awesome wedding to Kick off the New Year! 

    -Ehhh It's late, and I'm getting tired -which for those who know me actually makes me really really slap happy.  Hense the reason I just had a converstation with 2012... Good times.


    I met Rachel actually through the amazing Sheila Gross a wonderful Wedding Minister who was at a few of my weddings in 2011 (though I'm pretty sure we definitely had events in common prior and just can't remember.)  It turned out that Sheila's best friends daughter was actually getting married and she was determined to have me capture it!  And wouldn't you know it - I was given the honor!  It was an amazing day, filled with emotion and great times at the wonderful Franklin Institute.  Rachel and Brad were completely awesome, rocking out the day in fashion and allowing me to capture some of my favorite shots ever!  After they met up (their family snook a peek) we headed out towards the institute, Shooting in the room first and making a quick pitstop on a back street to get some cool "Philly Wall" Captures.  After getting to the Institute the first thing I noticed was the cool pattern on the floor and the fact I could get up High and shoot down with my favorite lens (Tilt Shift) that allows me to fix distortions in a photo!  So after walking around a bit more it was off to the ceremony - one of the darkest, but coolest ceremonies I've ever been too!  Check out the shot of the stars and moon (hopefully I can bribe Rachel to explain the significance of it).  The reception was again ornate and amazing and very colorful, filled with some awesome dancers!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day!  Another couple that makes my job so worth it!

    You Rock.


    Rachel's mom actually made the match books!

    I love birdcage veils!

    Love it when I get labels for the bride and groom!

    Rachel definitley gives off some awesome laughs!

    Gotta include the girls.

    And the guys.

    How cool is that for a ceiling?

    What you can't tell - is that there's 40mph winds blowing around us! Thanks Guys!

    Loved this first dance shot!

    Only caption I have for this one is "Grrrrrrr"

    Favorite shot of the day to close it up!