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    Melissa and Mike

    Melissa and Mike
    March 5th 2011
    Philadelphia, PA


    Ok let me first start off by saying since this is the first blog of the new year I figured I wouldn't limit myself to my top 10 photos, instead I'd put up the majority of the photos I liked - and let me also say I liked a lot from Melissa and Mikes wedding.  So here ya go you two!


    Jim and I headed off for our first wedding of the year at the Rittenhouse Hotel to shoot their wedding with my awesome buddy and videographer Glen Elliott.  Needless to say that I was incredibly excited to get back into Philly and jump back into the season and I was even more excited to work with these two after meeting them and talking to them about the photos.  I have to say their passion on the topic rivaled my own so I was determined to put forth 10593059% to get some unforgettable images from their day!  After meeting up with them and getting some detail shots and getting ready shots we had them meet up for the first time that day and I have to say that the emotions they showed were second to none.   Absolutely amazing.  Immediately after we jumped into it.  Shooting inside and out - Melissa put up with so much wind that even her veil refused to play, flying up into the air and landing right next to my feet - but still she held in and rocked it out allowing me to capture some of my favorite shots ever.  The whole day flowed smoothly thanks to the planning of Mark from Queen of Hearts and I have to say that Melissa looked absolutely incredible even after shooting outside in 40mph winds ;-) (my brides rock) thanks to the hair and makeup of Bella Angel!  The ceremony and reception were awesome, emotional, and captivating.  I think I may have enjoyed their day as much as them!

    You two are wonderful, caring, and simply put - incredible.  I can't wait to show you ALL of your photos and watch your reactions.  If the small preview I showed you the night of was any indication I'm sure you will like the rest ;-)

    Check out their Highlight Video Here!

    Thank you so much and enjoy the second preview.






    Tammy and Mike

    Tammy and Mike
    December 17th 2010
    Long Island, New York


    Ok let me first start off by saying that there are going to be a LOT of photos from this wedding on the blog since this was the last weddings of the year... I decided ot have a little fun with it and post a lot more of the "detail shots."   I have to say I had a blast at Tammy and Mikes wedding and I knew I would after I met them to shoot their engagement shots.  They were up to do anything I had in mind and not only that but Tammy braved the sub freezing temperatures to walk around a town and take even more photos!  Tammy and Mike did an awesome job taking direction and completely rocked out their entire wedding.   Their ceremony was gorgeous - I love the shot with a fun new lens of mike beginning to escort her up the isle.  and the Flowers! Well the flowers were simply AMAZING.   Their entire wedding was one for my memories and definitely an awesome way to wrap up the year!  Thanks you two - you were awesome and I can't wait to show you ALL of your photos!





    Josh and Emily

    Josh and Emily
    Engagement Shoot
    Hoboken, New Jersey


    This this blog is another one long time coming.  Shot this a month or so back in Hoboken - one of my favorite places to shoot since there's so much versatility in backgrounds.  Emily did an awesome time putting up with a rather windy day and overall came out with some amazing shots.   I can't wait till your wedding to see what we're going to get when you guys are all done up in your wedding garb - definitely going to be a great time!  Thanks again you two!




    Family Shoot

    I know these are few and far between - mainstay is weddings - but every now and then it's fun to do some other portrait work with families and kids.  Here's one from October that we did in Princeton.   The weather was just warm enough to walk around with some sweet outfits for the the little guy - and he didn't disappoint with a ton of energy for his shots!

    Thanks a lot you guys!






    Lisa and David

    Lisa and David
    October 30th, 2010
    Manalapan, New Jersey

    Halloween is almost here!  I have to say that Lisa and David definitely embraced the holiday spirit!  Their cake was beyond belief and everything about their day had little touches the day to follow.   Some of the most unique broom bouquets I've ever seen!   You guys rocked.  This was a day of firsts and day of some of my favorites.   The jack-o-lantern photo was priceless as well as the smoke cigar shot - as we said that day, definitely Atlantic City Empire.  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your awesomely unique wedding.  It is definitely one I will always remember!