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    Courtnee' and Mark

    Courtney and Mark
    May 14th, 2011
    Columbus, New Jersey


    I have to say it's great when a wedding is local and even better when I still see the couple that I shoot.  I worked with Courtnee' dad a few years ago when I was a lifeguard over at Liberty Lake Day Camp in Columbus and as far as Mark - well I just used to pray that he didn't pull me over.  These two were a blast to shoot, Mark constantly smiling and making Courtney laugh throughout the day - and Courtnee' pulling off some amazing rocking photos even though she's normally a super bubbly girl.   After getting ready and running through some magazines we headed off to Bordentown, NJ where we walked the streets and had a blast getting some photos.  we found a really cool US Map in a parking lot and used it to it's full painted potential.  Mark and Courtney definitely had one of the largest bridal parties I've ever shot - including some other people I've known forever.  Even one of my friends from when I first took a 4H photography class was there!  Afterwards we headed to Columbus for the ceremony at Columbus Baptist with Pastor Grove (who's son I went to high-school with).  After the Ceremony it was off to party the night away at the Officers Club on McGuire AFB. 

    You guys rock, and I'm so excited to get you your photos!



    Awesome detail I found in the comic section!
    Court was worried she wasn't gonna be able to pull it off - Yeah right.

    Every now and then you need a cute and cuddly shot ;-)

    Uhhhh. Yeah - Groomsmens idea, probably not the best Idea to wear onto a military base - but definitely unique!

    Cutest smiles I've ever seen.
    Fun ring bearer - apparently if you say "hiney" a whole bunch of times - he cracks up. haha

    Sanuks - Marks favorite type of shoe and what he got his groomsmen!!


    Karen and Dennis

    Karen to Dennis
    May 7th, 2011
    Brigantine, New Jersey


    Off to the beach for a gorgeous day with incredible skies!  Jim and I headed out towards Atlantic City to the wedding photos rolling.  After shooting some details and Karen getting into her dress we headed out to meet up with Dennis who was getting ready at a separate location.  After he dropped his suit on I checked outside and noticed some awesome clouds moving in,  I set up my cameras and clicked away getting some of the first sky shots of the day.  After a few more shots we headed over to the Ceremony where Dennis was excited to see his future wife.  Right outside I had noticed a really cool statue hanging out and knew I had to incorporate it into some photos somehow.   So after the ceremony - Got a fun group shot and then I had the statue celebrate their wedding with them!  From here things really became fun - we headed back to where we shot Dennis and the clouds that had come in were awesome.  Karen completely rocked out her with her veil letting me get some of my favorite bride shots to date. You two were awesome, and your reception was exactly how I expected it to be - Completely high energy and a ton of fun to capture!  Thank you so much for letting me record your day!


    Tried out a new shot with these two, and here's the result!

    Could you ask for better light?

    Cool detail of her veil
    Believe it or not - this is the same dock we shot all the sky shots on... amazing what lighting can do!
    Had to rock the guys out.

    Had fun playing with these crystals
    Loved the details - including the stones as table cards!

    Dennis singing their first dance song. Awesome moment.

    Loved the reactions they got during their first dance!
    I think the flower girls got it!
    Love the determination on their faces.
    Showing a bit of their wild side!


    Amy and Chris

    Amy and Chris
    April 30th, 2011
    Baltimore, Maryland

    Down to Maryland we headed for the wedding of Amy and Chris - and awesome couple that I met a few months ago in Philadelphia at Triumph Brewery (one of my favorite stops, if anyone knows any other good breweries let me know!)  Anyway so we head down there and start shooting the getting ready shot and next thing I know Amy is throwing up horns and rocking out.   My couples are awesome.  So onto the shooting where we meandered around Baltimore, from parks to the harbour where we got some awesome skys!  At the reception we tried a few new shots (check out the kiss shot from behind) and I loved how they turned out.  The reception featured some great beers (as Chris is another beer enthusiast) and awesome music.  They also had a really fun "flash dance" for all their guests at the beginning of the reception that was something fun and unique that just made the night even more enjoyable!  You Guys Rock.

    Thanks you two for being so awesome!



    awesome moment between Amy and her mom
    Some people smile. Others SREAM.

    Loved the light off this wall

    Bad Ass.
    The two of them rocked out this shot!

    Awesome new kiss shot!

    It almost looks like a heart - unintentional but still aweseome!

    It's normal to kiss in random places. Don't look people!
    Awesome orange wall for a stoic shot.

    and maybe a few others.
    Rocked the night away


    Alison and Harry

    Alison and Harry
    March 26th 2011
    Matawan, New Jersey


    I was definitely excited about this wedding since it was one of the best friends of one of my prior brides (pumpkin head couple - just search through the blog ;-)...)  Anyway we arrived at the house ready to go and started in with the detail shots of the shoes / rings / dress... you know all that good stuff.  After she was all primped and proper we headed out to meet Harry and get the shooting started. The first thing I found was this awesome light that was coming from the windows above and immediately we started shooting  Harry and Alison were awesome with going with any of my ideas.... you know when someone tells you to stand in the middle of a dark church with the stations of the cross behind you, it could be a confusing thought of how it could be a cool picture - but check em out!  I have to say that even though direct sunlight isn't the best situation for all images, we pulled out an AWESOME one of  Harry and his guys! From here we had the ceremony where I was playing around with blurring the image a bit and definitely caught a cool one of the kiss.  After the ceremony I was lucky enough to have them jump into my truck and let me take them through Red Bank, stopping and shoting where I saw anything cool on the way to reception. This is where we found that really cool yellow wall which turned into a pretty cool shot.  From here onto the reception where they rocked out and we were able to get some pretty awesome cigar shots! 

    Thanks a ton for letting me capture your day and giving me extra time to get extra creative!  You guys rocked



    Haha what did one ring say to the other ring?
    And the reaction to the other two rings.

    Loved her tat

    Cool shot before as we were walking back to the car to get to the reception

    Badass shot of the guys


    Baby Lucas

    Gotta say I don't shoot a ton of Kids shoots - but it's defiantly a blast from time to time.  I guess the biggest thing was the studio being out of commission but luckily baby shoots are a little more practical to do at home rather than at the studio.   So I packed up my gear and headed over to shoot little Lucas.   Who at first was a little camera shy but as the time went by little by little he started to tucker out.  Definitely came out with some awesome shots from the day!

    Thanks for allowing me to capture the first days of your childs life!



    Hey - She had it, might as well shoot it. Reminds me of that commercial... the most advanced peice of technology you'll ever...

    One of my favorites from the day

    Bear Attack! haha
    It's a tough life playing in a ball pit...
    thought this was a pretty cool detail!