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    Amy and Matt

    Amy and Matt
    August 5th, 2011
    Hamilton, New Jersey
    New Jersey Wedding Photographer


    You know you're going to have a good wedding when you have Devils fans in the mix - not to say if you're any other hockey fan your wedding won't be good, but watching a Devils game as we talk about the wedding was definitely a bonus! It was just another indication of how much fun their wedding would be for me.  After shooting their engagement shoot in New Brunswick I knew I'd have no worries and they definitely didn't disappoint!   The day of was full of excitement and anticipation for me to see what I could pull out of this couple.  The best part was that they gave me plenty of time to shoot and capture their day - I wasn't worried at all about the time coming down to the minute and scrambling for photos, especially with Grounds for Sculpture being our backdrop!  You two were an amazing couple to capture, and thank you so much for trusting me and my ideas.  Your photos definitely show your willingness and excitement for all of it!  I had a great time during their ceremony seeing how I could push the envelope, It's always fun when you have 3 shots of the Kiss when I'm only there with myself and my assistant.  Their wedding minister Sheila definitely helped me out as well by being one of the first officiants to actually help me get some shots! :-)  The reception was great with Delicious food and services provided by one of my favorite Caterers - Main Street which pretty much led to a night of great food, drink, dancing, and laughter!

    Bottom line - you guys rocked, your know it, your photos show it, thankyou.


    (Oh check out Matt's band - A Clean Getaway)
    (See that Matt - I plugged you like a Fox tv show)


    Cool cufflinks Amy gave Matt

    Fun shot of them getting some excitement out!

    The guys got their rock shot.

    Cool shot Steve grabbed of the girls passing the rings.
    Shot 1
    Shot 2
    Shot 3 - who says you need a second shooter?


    Alison and Drew

    Alison and Drew
    July 30th
    Pearl River, NY

    Up north we headed to the wedding of Alison and Drew, a sup cool couple I met months ago.  Upon making it to the hotel and walking in I get greeted by Drew who's running out of the pool giving me a wet handshake and saying he's ready to go whenever he needs to be.  Now I'm not sure about you - but that should tell you all you need to know about my couples.  Who needs nerves when you have a swimming pool?   Up to the room I headed to shoot the details - one of which was AWESOME HOT SAUCE made by the couple themselves - (If you have any extra, when you come to get your photos please bring some - I'm a huge hotsauce fan)  After the dress popped on they jumped into my truck and away we headed into a nearby town I passed through on the way in.  After shooting there it was back to get some family shots and onto the ceremony!  I loved the shot I got of Alison walking in with her parents.  It was definitely an awesome time!  The reception was just as rocking, with Alison and Drew flying through the air at the beginning and dropping to the floor in the middle only to eat cake at the end! 

    Thanks so much for having me there!


    loved their reactions when they first saw eachother!

    Sometimes it helps to ask people if you can borrow their cars!

    Loved this shot!

    There's partying and then there's PARTYING!


    Bridget and Brent

    Bridget and Brent
    July 23rd, 2011
    Cape May, NJ

    Wow what a hot day.  I usually wear black but for this day I made an exception and donned my white!  Bridget and Brent were true troopers, stomping through the heat, partying through the humidity, and overall putting the Heat into a Hot Wedding!   You two rocked and It's certainly not a wedding I'm going to forget for a LONG LONG time.   I still wish I could of cracked an egg on the side of the road and did a cool shot of it cooking!   Oh well - maybe next 108F day.   Thanks for being such an amazing couple and allowing me to capture your day and giving me the time I need (even in extreme heat) to get some shots that I love!

    All the best,


    Cool Cufflinks Brent gave the guys!

    They were almost the same Height.

    Rocking the dance floor!


    Lauren and Sully

    Lauren and Jonathan
    June 25th, 2011
    Rivervale, NJ

    What an amazing day.  I came to meet Lauren and Sully through Lauren's father who was on a photography site that I've been posting on since my early days.  After posting a few wedding photos on soaphoto (samsungs photo site) Lauren's father Wayne took some notice and figured he'd give me a shot to capture his daughters day.  What seems like forever ago I met them at the studio and went over the day, super excited I may shoot a wedding for another photographer's daughter!  And then the day came.  Lauren was full of emotions - excitement, some nervousness, but overall joy for the day to be there.  After they had their first meet, the thing I noticed right away was the incredible energy they both had!  They were amazing, listening to my ideas, rocking the photos out and overall just laughing and enjoying themselves - which makes it easy for me.   After I met up with Wayne at the ceremony and putting an electric fence around my camera bag (Wayne made multiple statements saying if I was missing some lenses at the end of the night that you know... it wasn't him) I knew that this was going to be an awesome wedding.  The emotions were great, the energy was high, and the reception was rocking.

    Thank you two for everything!
    You two are awesome and Wayne - let me know when you wanna shoot sometime



    She was a natural - Makes my job easy
    Awesome cuff links with Beatles sheet music Lauren had made for him!

    Love it when I get cool clouds!

    Loved that she had no shoes on!
    Loved Laurens reactions to seeing everyone!
    Haha - Body Surfing!

    Sully decided to play some music towards the end of the night - definitely rocked it.


    Katie to Chris

    Kathleen and Natale
    May 21st 2011
    Medford, NJ

    Two weddings a row near my house!  This is insanity!  I knew Katie and Cozz (Chris) since middle school. Cozz and I used to play in a band together where he rocked out the drums and I rocked out the trumpet and Katie was to be my sisters best friend and so in turn, one of my really good friends.  Wow how time flies.  Jim and I headed over to Dancer Farms Bed and Breakfast to get some details and getting ready shots. An amazing place to get ready for anyone interested - awesome colors and light in the whole building!  After they met up we headed out and got some amazing shots on the grounds, taking full advantage of the textures the place had to offer.  We met up with the bridal party and blasted out a few more rocking shots of the guys and some great shots of the girls rocking there stuff as well.  From here we headed off to the ceremony and reception at the Lakeside Ballroom in Medford, a super cute and quaint location where Katie and Cozz officially tied the knot.  Thank you two for sharing your day with me by allowing me become a guest, and allowing me to capture your day for you!  You guys already know how highly I think of you both - congrats and best wishes in the future.  And I'm coming up to Pittsburgh one of these days - maybe a day after shoot??



    Thimble thimble thimble RING. (Katie Sews.)
    You know. Details.

    Loved this shot of Little Buffa and now Katie Cozz

    We got lucky with a puddle that day!
    Loved how Katie rocked this shot!

    Loved this shot of Katie and her dad walking up the isle.