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    Meghan and Kendall

    Meghan and Kendall
    October 22nd 2011
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    So many blogs still left to do - So much work to be done! Still!  Anyway Let's get cought up on blogging, one day at a time.

    I met Meghan and Kendall at a Starbucks in south Jersey - Immediately I knew I was going to have a blast capturing their wedding.  They were upbeat, positive, and ready to do anything for a shot.  The day of there were no nerves and a ton of smiles.   This made everything easy and smooth going for me - so THANK YOU!  You two Rocked.   After walking around Philly for a bit we headed over to the National Constitution Center for the ceremony and reception.  The coolest part was the fact that all their family and guests were able to watch from the balcony as they had a little more private stage for their ceremony.  I loved the shot of them from up top, it was too cool to pass up.   After the ceremony they rocked out their reception with some awesome Beer mugs and great party gear.  One of my favorite reception shots I posted last - All of them screaming and having a great time!

    Check out their Highlight Video here by GmElliott!!

    Thank you so much for letting me capture your day!


    Some cool Details.

    This pain is real - They were trying to get in some stubborn earrings.   It was pretty awesome, and you know you have to get it!

    It almost looks like oldschool Philly -

    Haha... that's all I have to type.  They were awesome.

    Love it when a bridal party rocks it out.

    Ok so we didn't make it to the art museum - but doesn't mean we didn't get rocky in there!

    Philly skyline - Awesome sneaking up on roofs to get a shot.

    Loved this shot of Meghan walking in with her parents.

    Love trying to get different angles of the Big Parts!

    2nd shot of the kiss.

    3rd Shot of the Kiss

    Gotta love the Constitution Center at Night!

    They definitely rocked out their night!

    Loved their beer mugs!


    Lisa and George

    Lisa and George
    October 8th 2011
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

        When I first met with George and Lisa to talk about their day I had just picked up my dog Tucker from the rescue.  So of course - them having two border collies of their own (Tucker is a border collie mix) they told me to bring him over.  After the dogs played, Tucker ate, and we chatted - we noticed Tucker had disappeared.   Of course Tucker being Tucker he went of exploring the house and of course being a puppy, he left them a little present upstairs.   Talk about awesome first impressions ;-).   Anyway I thought that was kind of a funny story to start out with.

    Now onto the day.

       Jim and I headed out to the Hotel to get some prep shots and details for the big day and immediately jumped into it.  One of the funniest things I saw that day was in the girls room on the big screen - Star Trek!  Now usually there's some chick flick, or some Lifetime, but for once there was a classic on.  This cracked me up and I had to grab a shot.   After getting ready we took Lisa out on the balcony where she was posing it out like a champ, taking direction and overall just looking gorgeous.  When George came in to see her for the first time I had decided to do all the shots out on the 30 story balcony to make it easier and more private (the light was perfect).  The only issue was there was no place for me to stand to not be in the shot - So I figured I'd climb up on the railing and just go for it.   It may be a bit crazy - but hey, it worked and I got the shot - just a good thing I don't have a crazy fear of heights.

        After shooting some more out on the balcony we headed off to Old City to get some more shots and eventually meet up with the bridal party.  From here it was onto the ceremony and then after a few more shots onto the reception at the wonderful Cescaphe Ballroom.  Here they rocked the night away, kicking ass and taking names.  I love it when you have a reception that's much more party than reception. 

        I have to say the best part of doing weddings is getting the couples that put their faith into you.  When a couple lets you do what you want, how you want - they make the day go so much smoother and allow me to capture so much more with the time we have!  This wedding was definitely the hardest one of the year..... to narrow down to my favorites - for everything!  The Blog, the prints,  Even the ones on facebook.  There were so many awesome photos that I literally sat a my computer doing edit after edit for hours to pick my favorites. (editing means ranking the photos).

    Anyway - so here are some of my favorites form the day.  Hope you all enjoy!

    Thanks you two for having me capture your day!

    Now this is how you start off a wedding!

    Who needs lifetime when you have Star Trek!

    Awesome shot from the newspaper.  I love it when a plan comes together.

    Loved this shot out on the balcony of Lisa.

    Ehh who needs gardens when you have a contstruction site?

    Lisa being bad ass on her man.

    This is probably my favorite veil shot ever.

    The two cute flowergirls made an apperance!

    Loved this shot of her dad walking her down the aisle.

    One of three shots of the kiss - More angles = more fun!

    Girls being girls - Loved the color of their dresses.  Love colors that pop! haha

    Some bad ass Cigar shots.

    Now that's how you make an entrance!

    I loved how she's glowing in this photo - and the reactions of the guests behind them!

    Here you can see just how high up we were shoooting - that's my reflection in the glass standing on that ledge!  Gotta get the shots somehow!


    Kristina and Kyle

    Kristina and Kyle
    September 10th, 2011
    Mine Hill, New Jersey

    Ok.  Go Blog Go.  2 a week for the next 4 weeks and I should be caught up!  What can I say about these two.  Well first off - energy wise - insane. Kristina was the first bride I've had do the "robot" while putting on her wedding dress.  And they were also the first couple to have a motorcycle cake topper.  And the first couple I've had do all their photos AFTER the reception.  So in other words, a bunch of firsts!  Kristina had some of the CRAZIEST shoes I've ever seen, and I'm not going to lie I had a lot of fun with them as you'll see in the blog.  You two were awesome, rocked out your day even more than I could of even predicted.  You were totally fun, exciting, and up for anything and your photos show it!  Thanks so much for having me shoot your day and I can't wait to see you two again!

    Keep on rocking.

    -DrewAnother fun text!

    Cool new ringshot - variation of the original.

    Sometimes I have to much fun with the rings.

    Note to future brides - while getting dress on, Robot it.   When dress is on.  Dance party.

    Putting on those rocking shoes, and check out the awesome birdcage she had!  Loved it.

    Cool angle of the first kiss.   One of 3 angles I shot.   Who says you need extra photographers?

    I love those who doublefist drinks - twice the party.

    Figured I'd post a cute and cuddly shot for once...

    Cool clouds = cool ring shot, props to my buddy Jeff Tisman for creating this shot years ago!  Show the world your married.

    Kyle and his best man being bad ass.

    The two of them were rocking it out in the basement during the reception..

    Of course the rocking shoes!

    And more clouds came in!

    This one's for Kristina - she thought it'd be an awesome shot.  hahahahha

    Pretty sweet, they had tats saying the important days in their life - The day of their marriage is the final one!

    Kristina completely rocked the happy times.  I could of asked for better emotion out of them!


    Brandi and Kyle

    Brandi and Kyle
    September 4th, 2011
    Columbus, New Jersey


    Ok, Back to trying to get some blogs done.  It's been intense and awesome at the same time how busy I've been.  Hopefully in the next month I can catch back up with EVERYTHING.


    I had a blast with Kyle and Brandi - who I've known since my pre-photography days when I worked as a lifeguard at Liberty Lake Day Camp.  They rocked out their day and listened to my suggestion of meeting up beforehand which is quickly coming the new and best way to capture a wedding (so stress free - and more time for partying it up after the ceremony).  I loved that Brandi had some really cool details for me - like her happy birthday proposal rock!  Originally I laughed because I thought it was supposed to be Kyle's form of engagement ring - but nope, Brandi collects heart shaped rocks, and this one apparently worked perfectly for a proposal!  So if that doesn't scream fun couple to you, I don't know what will.   Brandi also shared with me one of our buddies text messages from the night before (apparently he was having a good night - but kept her in mind!)  So after shooting them together in Burlington, NJ we headed over to the reception - where they first met - Liberty Lake, which is now open for weddings!  After an awesome Ceremony the two rocked out their reception and included me in their special day!

    Thank you so much for trusting me with your day!



    I loved how Brandi completely let it go and allowed me to capture shots like these!

    Some cool details from the girls!

    The guys rocking it out.

    They had some awesome wooden bands.  Very cool.

    One of my favorite shots from the day - On the way back from the ceremony we cought some amazing light!

    Some of the reception details!

    Check out the kid as they smashed some cake.   Thought it was hilarious!


    Introducing the new way to display.

    100% Hand Torn Canvas
    100% Metal (Except for Canvas)
    100% Hand Made Frame
    100% Drew Made Everything. ;-)
    100% Patent Pending - (Means you can't get it anywhere else ;-)



         For the last few years I've been trying to figure out how to best display my photographs.   What medium, what style, what framing.   Finally I realized that I loved the look on canvas.... as many do, BUT I hated the way the canvas was subdued in the wrapped style.  I loved the raw look of torn canvas which I remember from the camper we used to take with us when I was younger.  You'd see a whole in it, the threads hanging down and it just looked so raw and natural.  From here I started coming up with the idea that for the frame should be able to hold the canvas and be able to show it for what it is.  It should also enhance the work of art by itself being a work of art.   This all being said I set to work designing, testing, bending, welding, burning and ripping.  The end product - One of a kinda works of art which frame and enhance the photos you allow me to capture.  Every frame is handmade, hand framed, hand welded, hand bent and hand stretched to create original works of art as timeless as the canvas print it holds. 

    The best part?

    You get to choose your metal to fit your style.  Whatever color your looking for, I'll design and edit your image according to taste, and you get to display an original work of art - fit for your style and look.

    So let me know who wants one!?  I'm going to blog the first 3 official productions and hand sign each one.

    Thanks for reading!