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    Busy Busy Busy!

    I apologize to all for not getting new blogs up as I shoot weddings!  Looks like February may be my blog update month as I'm putting my focus on getting photos back and getting albums finished!!!!

    For all thosed interested in seeing recent photos - please check out my facebook page!!!!

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    Angela + Anthony

    Angela + Anthony
    June 16th 2012
    Long Branch, New Jersey

    Another amazing couple to have a blast with on their great day!  Jim and I headed up to Long Branch, NJ to shoot the wedding of Angela and Anthony - Two ridiculously fun people.  Planning a little extra time to run from the guys house to the girls house we had a blast seeing the difference between the guys aura and the girls. In other words - guys have the beers and girls have the tears.  :-)  The ceremony was extra special because it was actually performed by Ant's father which made it more special for everyone!   From here it was off to photos of the two of them wherever we found the light.  For the reception it was off to the Grand Marquis where we set up the photo booth for its inaugural voyage at their wedding!

    Congrats you two and thank you so much for letting me be there!

    Hope you enjoy!!

     PS. Also all those Pinteresters out there - Feel free to Pin - there's a link at the bottom of the blog!!!

    Pretty sick cufflinks!!!

    Loved this shot in the church!

    Was loving this light!!!

    lol - Bonsai!!!!!!!

    First use of the photobooth - was a success!


    Jessica + Jason

    Jessica + Jason
    June 10th 2012
    New York, NY

    Off to New York to the wonderful
    l Cipriani to shoot the wedding of Jessica and Jason.  After the packing and getting a personal tour around the place we headed up to Jess's room to shoot some details and prep.    After they were both ready I set up a camera to shoot the meet from across the room and we had them meet up on the balcony overlooking the room.  With the time we had prior to the ceremony we walked around Cipriani for a little bit finding some awesome light in the library where Jessica completely rocked it!  We headed then out onto the streets shooting wherever we saw some great light and great locations :-)   Having a ton of space during the ceremony meant that I had a ton of space to get some really cool angles!  Their reception was a blast with so many lights that I didn't even need to use a flash during the Horah - and it looked even cooler considering that Jason was doing some high flying action!!!  We capped off the night down in the basement vault with a few more memorable photos.   You guys were awesome!  Thank you so much for having me capture your big day!!!


    (Ps check out the awesome video from Cord3Films - here!)


    Loved this shot of them first seeing eachother... along with some onlookers ;-)

    This is a lot harder than it looks to pull off and Jess did it to perfection!

    Thought this shot looked very art deco... but what do I know?

    The girl knows how to enjoy her wedding day!

    Jason rocking out the standing chair kiss move ;-)

    The lights made it awesome for overall shots of their first dance!

    One of my favorite shots of the day.


    Lisa + Vinny 

    Lisa + Vinny
    May 11th 2012
    Newark, New Jersey

    Another great day, another incredible couple!  So it was off to North Jersey to capture Lisa and Vinny's big day.  The details were prepped and the girls were in the final stages of getting ready.  After Lisa was in her dress and ready to go I had to laugh a little bit as she walked down (looking gorgeous of course) the stairs and all of the girls were out doing my job with their iPhones ;-).   After they were ready we headed out to the ceremony - an incredible church out in Newark where Vinny got his first look at his bride.  From here it was just rocking out and taking frames all the way through the end of the reception!  You two were awesome and I'm so excited to give you all of your photos!  Thanks for including me in your big day!


    Loved the reactions of her daughter as  they were getting ready.

    The new photographers.

    They rolled in style. :-)

    The two of them rocking it out.

    The girls were given some awesome bridesmaids gifts!

    Fun shot just prior to the reception!


    Kristen + Nick

    Kristen + Nick
    May 5th 2012
    Warren, New Jersey

    The First Jeff and Drew Wedding!

    I had the awesome time to be the primary photographer at Nick and Kristen's wedding at the Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge.  Not only did we have an amazing couple to capture but we had an all star lineup of photographers of Jeff Tisman and Stephen Govel.  This meant total coverage of a wedding - with so many different shots that it made it incredibly hard to narrow down this blog!


    Off to the hotel where we had time to grab some details and the two of them preparing for the big day.  I have to say I loved their reactions to seeing each other for the first time!  From here we set out towards the stone house, capturing whatever we saw along the way, eager to take out any stress on the piñata they brought for Cinqo De Mayo!  Jeff hung out with the bridal party as they did some fun video stuff with a good friend and awesome videographer - Glenn and Violet Elliott (cord3films) as Steve and I walked around the grounds with Nick and Kristen grabbing some awesome shots!  Their reception was filled with laughter and tears and was a blast to shoot - especially with all the angles we could cover :-)  From here we entered the reception and they continued to party like rockstars as the margaritas and sombreros dance around the room.  At the very end of the night we had amazing light sprinkle of rain that allowed to capture one final memorable moment as it all came to a close... or should I say - the beginning!

    Can't wait for you two to get back from your official Honeymoon to show you everything!

    Hope you Enjoy!
    -Drew, Jeff, and Steve.

    Awesome detail shot From Steve with the rings!

    Nick had a little surprise for her before she finished getting ready.

    Nick got all the guys awesome Monogram Cufflinks.

    Jeff was able to capture the guys getting ready - or trying to get ready ;-)

    We all had a great time capturing their emotions during the first meet!

    They defnitely made it easy for us!

    Kristen rocked that veil.

    and then just rocked.

    Jeff captured the guys just before they took out the beating stick.

    Have to throw in a cool stoic shot in front of a wood pile.... don't we?

    Favorite shot of the day... was at the end of the night!