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    Tara to Jason 

    Tara to Jason
    April 30th 2010
    Berlin, New Jersey

              I can't tell you how excited I am to have Tara and Jason as my first post on the new blog!  You guys were great!  Tara can post a comment about how she didn't want to meet before the wedding but then when she thought about it started making more and more sense, and I have to say if we hadn't 3/4 of the awesome shots we got from the day would have been lost!  Anyway Jim and I headed down with the "interesting" directions that Tara gave us and made it there with 5 minutes to spare  (The 70 72 circle in Berlin seems always to be a fun time).  We walked in and started shooting some of the deatails, rearranging the house to find the light, pretty much just getting to work.  Tara's mom had this awesome dictionary in the house that I noticed and decided to grab some shots with and as luck would have it they turned out pretty awesome! When Jason showed up we went out to the road where we did some AWESOME groomsmen shots.   You guys definitely rocked it out.  From there we headed out to the town of Berlin and had a little 2 on 2 session with Tara and Jason where we litterally shot 15 different types of shots with in 15 yards of eachother.  It's amazing how a little town can prove to be so productive for photography.  From there we met up with the bridal party where we did a giant group shot (yes giant... they had a lot of friends).  It was so big the only shady spot I could fit them on was a set of stairs which meant in order to not get weird distortion from a wide angle lens.... I had to stand out in the middle of the road... in Berlin.... where cars drive by like crazy.   But I didn't get hit and it was off to the ceremony.  From there we headed to the reception hall and did all the family shots, and I got a few more "rock and roll" shots of the two of them against the back door supply entrance wall.  I had some interesting looks from the staff - but you be the judge on it!

    Thanks a lot you two, I can't wait to get you all of your photos!



    -Dictionary shot

     Rocking one of the guys

    The reflection of the sun on the leaves kinda make it look like snow!

    Some shots from my new backdrop and my old blackdrop.

    This is one of my favorites of the day




    This was out in back of the reception hall... I assume where they haul off the garbage, Pretty awesome.


    Really cool "first dance" photo


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