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    Tammy and Mike E-Shoot

    Warm weather, Awesome location, great shoot.  Jim and I headed up to Tammy's parents house on Long Island to shoot their engagement shoot for their upcoming wedding in December which is going to take place in Manhattan.  Their house was an insanely gorgeous piece of property complete with cool walls, awesome windows and great brickwork.  I have to say that I could of shot there for hours.. and actually kinda did...haha   Anyway you two were awesome!  I know you already have these photos up on facebook somewhere ;-) but here's your "official" blog post!



    Found a similar shot series from Todd Laffler - another great photographerMy first "Swinigng Hamock" shot - love finding new cool shots!Mike had to get his team in there for a shot.. wondering if I'll see it again on their wedding day?A "Jeff Tisman Original" A good friends version of showing the world you're (getting) married. Awesome!


    Gina to Anthony

    Gina to Anthony
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    August 28th, 2010


    Talk about a gorgeous day for a wedding.  After the entire summer being blistering hot days finally we get one that's perfect!  Starting off at the Omni Hotel, we made our way down and across the street heading over to the oldest church in Philadelphia which gave us an amazing shot of their kiss.  The sweeping balcony of the church wrapped around them as if watchign it for itself!  After shooting a few more shots around the grounds we headed off to the Ballroom at the Ben where we were able to get some amazing shots using the city as a backdrop not to mention the amazing balcony archway shot where the wind picked up just enough to get Gina's awesome veil to float!  The reception was in their amazing ballroom with incredible flowers and music creating an atmosphere that is one I'm not soon to forget!  I have to give it up to Cindi Deal for coordinating an amazing wedding for the two of them.  I loved the shots we got of their first dance and their parent dances!   You two were awesome and Gina I'm glad you found your "swag" even if I had to push you until I found it!  I wish you two the best and thankyou for allowing me to capture your day!





    JWST update

    So here's a cool video from the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Whats even funnier is that I shot the JWST (see two blogs down) and my brother's GF is in the video since she works for NASA (at 6:18 you'll see a brown haired girl turn around - that's her).  Anyway Check it out, it's a pretty funny video!



    Lisa to George Engagement Shoot

    Rainy days are NEVER a bad thing.  They make the day a blast and also create some of the best light for photos out there.  So to all of the future models out there that see some rain in the forcast - don't fret cause it's just there to make your photos amazing.  Just as we started shooting it started sprinkling and didn't really let up until we finished the shoot.  Unfortunately we had left the umbrellas at home but we still rocked out the day using overhangs and scurrying from place to place.   These are a few shots from their upcoming wedding!

    Thanks a lot for going for it!




    Cool Shot from Stuff Yer Face as we made our way out of the rain. - Gotta use the recyclables!


    So it's been a while.

    I know I don't blog nearly as much as I should, but I've been busy doing work that I just can't post!  (so sorry)  but finally some photos have been cleared for publishing and you get to check them out!  Quantum Coating hired me to do some shots of the Primary Mirror coating for one of the segments of the James Webb Space Telescope.   Needless to say it was an amazing experience to be so close and to document something that in a few years will be a million miles from earth orbiting around the sun!  You can check out the shots on their website, but I'm going to post a few here so you guys can check them out.