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    Jill and Eddie

    Jillian to Eddie
    October 23rd 2010
    Beach Haven, NJ

    This wedding was a blast - but then again it makes it a lot easier when you've known the bride since you were 17 working as lifeguards together at an incredibly fun Day Camp.  But that was the past, this is the present.   I've known Jill to be an incredibly awesome girl since day one, and it makes complete sense that the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with was just as awesome as her.   You two rocked out your day and I don't really have much else to say besides thankyou for having me be a part of your wedding!  I hope you love your photos as much as I loved being there and capturing them for you!




    Lisa and Mike

    Lisa and Mike
    October 15th, 2010
    Mount Laurel, New Jersey

    *Some of the coolest clouds to date. (Quentin Tarantino it.)

    Jim and I headed over to meet up with Lisa at her gorgeous house and started shooting the details.  Since it was close to Halloween I had to utilize a crazy orange pumpkin of course.  Anyway after she got dressed we headed over to the ceremony and on the way noticed that the clouds were starting to pick up... always a good sign of things to come. After shooting the ceremony (plug cool black and white kiss shot) we headed outside and saw some of the most epic clouds that I had seen to date this year.   AMAZING and of course immediately we set up to capture this awesome natural backdrop.  Lisa and Mike completely rocked the windy day and pulled out some of the most rocking sky shots I'd gotten so far this year.  From here we headed off in their crazy early 1900's limo to the reception, stopping along the way to grab a few more shots along the road at a really cool old building we found.  (may be my new way of getting around to shoot - hop in a car stop here and there as we see things) Anyway Mike was super excited to get the reception and get his groove on telling me about the coolest ice sculpture ever that he had awaiting me.  After rolling up and unpacking I walked into an awesome Chevy cut ice piece that was definitely one of the most unique that I've seen in the last 5 years! 

    You guys were awesome
    Best wishes!




    Flowers by: Twisted Willow Weddings

    Reception at: The Merion Cinniminson


    Kim and Jason

    Kim and Jason
    October 8th, 2010
    Camden Aquarium, Camden, NJ

    Jim and I walked up to the house and in the door right into the happy face of Kim who was the first bride to be COMPLETELY ready when I first walked in (usually deal with a 45 min late notice from the hair/makeup people)  So we set off shooting the details (one of the coolest invites I've ever seen) and the flowers (insane - may have to do a completely separate blog just with the flowers in there).   From here we set off to the Aquarium where I fell in love with the shark tank tunnel, it allowed me to capture my favorite photo ever!  The colors / movement of it all were just off the wall insane and thanks to my awesome couple who gave me the time to set up the shots they gave me the ability to capture one of the coolest bride/groom photos ever!  The reception was also insane sitting right next to a giant wall of a shark tank I have to say it turned the whole night into a "magical" event.   You two were amazing and I can't say enough thanks for giving me the time I need to capture the shots that make your wedding look like a Hollywood event (JAWS) hahah.

    Thanks for having me there and having a great time with me!





    Loved how it gave the background info on them in their invite. Cool narrative!Their first child. ;-)Love the emotion in their first dance!LOVE this shot, awesome light, color, movement... everything you guys ROCK!


    Lisa and Mike E-Shoot

    So we actually shot their E-shoot a three weeks before their wedding (which was October 15th, Congrats you two!)  so that means you'll see their wedding photos next week on the blog!  Anyway I have to say knowing Halloween was coming up I took the oportunity to grab one of the funniest (or at least I thought) zombie engagement photos ever.  I had just watched zombieland a few days prior so thought it would be fun!  We headed out and did some walking around Princeton using the awesome backdrops of the ground to get some rocking photos.  I have to say this is the first time I've ever saw the light falling in through the archway and it made for an amazing photo.  Congrats you two, you were a lot of fun to shoot during the E-Shoot and even more fun to shoot on your wedding day! (photos to come)


    Happy Halloween!Love how the bus looks at least 100000000 feet longSome of the coolest light I've ever found in Princeton.




    Larissa to Taras

    Larissa to Taras
    October 2nd, 2010
    Kerhonkson, NY


    Up to Kerhonkson we headed to capture the day of Larissa and Taras!  As Jim and I headed up I told him about how my friend Jeff lived up there and he was actually down in Jersey this week for a shoot 15 minutes away from my place... as I was up in NY 15 minutes away from his.  Interesting how small the world is, or at least the east coast.   As we rolled up and checked in to the Hotel (they were awesome enough to provide us with a room so we didn't have to drive back at 2 AM in the morning)  we immediately started seeing some awesome places to shoot.  After meeting up with Larissa and shooting her getting ready - in walked Taras with the biggest smile on his face as he saw his bride.   We immediately set off to shooting, finding an awesome dark fire escape with great window light.   From here he headed out and had some fun with golf carts, one of my originals... hanging off the front of a golf cart as they drive.   Kinda dangerous, but hey what's life without a little adrenaline?  We also made use of a mini golf course that had random elephants on them; pretty funny shot.  Then it was off to the ceremony - my first Ukrainian Ceremony where they sealed the deal and ran off to get their party on!  You two were awesome and I had a blast - benefits of the room and staying the night ;-).   Taras... as soon as I get my hockey skills down to a science (aka next season) I'm signing up for the league and we'll shoot pucks instead of photos! 

    Oh. PS.  - to show how small the world is, the following week 10/10/10 I ran into Taras's parents at another wedding - you know... the weekend where there were thousands of events going on in NJ alone... small world.


    Thanks again you two!  Can't wait to see you guys soon!


    Awesome flowers by an awesome florist: The Floral Design Group - yes that's actual wood wrapped around the bouquet.haha I had to post this one, The elephant was classicly.... interesting :-)They completely pulled off the rock shot. Awesome.Loved the shadows in this image!